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EduTech - Alan November

Implementing the flipped classroom in your school: what you can do tomorrow to get the ball rolling?

  • USA - technology is a $1000 pencil.
  • this is reflected in test scores........in the last 20 yrs scores have levelled off.
  • One could argue.....that since the introduction of technology, progress has been arrested.
  • AGE OF THE SMART MACHINE – all about technology and how it does not often fulfill potential.
  • Process change is necessary if technology is going to have an impact.  Simply having the tools and the network will not make a change. 
  • SO.....we haven't really figured out how to utilise this expensive stuff.
  • Flipped learning in one way of enacting process change.
  • Eric Mazur gave his students a device (clicker) and realised that just giving a lecture didn't mean his students were understanding.
    • he realised that online partipation is key  
    • Wanted students to ask a question each day.  He has collected 4500 questions over the last 10 years and they are tagged. 90% of these questions were ones he would never have thought anyone would have asked.
    • His QUOTE - "the more of an expert you become in any field the more difficult it is to understand the struggles of a first time learner".
    • when a teacher walks in the teacher knows all the answers.  What is missing are the students questions
    • You have an informed teacher when that teacher has received questions from the day before.
For the purpose of today -  Learning is applying knowledge in a new context.

Simple  Flip Model
  • Summer Heights High - Watch Jonah - for punishment
  • Mazur - found a great classroom in Indonesia.  Saw students highfiving each other.  They were taking a test.   After taking  a test, these kids get into a group and go through the test immediately and they each work together and discuss and vote on each question..  Mazur would say that this is where the learning takes place.
  • This above is an example of a change in the relationship between the teacher and the students.
  • Every class is a test - Mazur - and then every group breaks down the test. Then the group reflects on the material in the test and then design a problem that suits
Who Owns The Learning?
  • You can have a  good school where teachers own the learning
  • you can't have a great school.............
  • Schools where students own the learning - this is when kids can own the learning.
Impact of flipping
  • ownership
  • punishment
  • homework

Who should work harder?
  • teachers?'
  • students?
  • balanced

It’s the conversation that makes the learning embedded.

Two most motivating environments
1.   facebook
2.   video games        
1.   Global Audience
2.   Students own the experience
3.   no punishment
4.   immediate feedback
5.   students prefer peer interaction
6.   mastery
7.   leaderboard
These factors all apply in a successful flipped classroom


Teachers are more important than ever.

  • Twitter.com/globallearner

How many paths are there to the standardised test?
  • teach to the test - standard default position
    • High Tech High - one of the only schools where students own the learning.
  • Go higher than the standard expected by the exam.

IN terms of change management - any hints?  Question?

  • what was your favourite lesson.....when did you have the most fun teaching?
  • he will take those and try to flip them.   Ed.ted
  • every teacher agrees that the first five days are critical.........in setting the tone of the year
  • teachers say they need to know as much as possible about their kids.

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